How to Create Your Media Kit and Promotional Campaign

While having a public relations or marketing professional, as part of your team is beneficial if you are an independent artist or theater group in the midst of producing a project, sometimes the budget just does not allow it. There are several elements, tools, and countless of hours that are put forth for effective publicity, and while I am unable to cover everything in one blog post, below are some basic components for a media kit and some do-it-yourself tips for a campaign:

· Before you even begin to assemble a marketing plan, write down realistic goals and angles for your project. Ticket sales are a culmination of all of your hard work, they are NOT goals!

· Press Kit: Press release, synopsis, pictures, any previous reviews/press coverage received, production stills, data on target/past audiences, production history, team of collaborators, and any special notes that make your project stand out (such as nominations, awards, and recognitions).

· Press releases; my personal preference is the format that can be featured as an article. Most importantly, however, press releases should be clear, informative and represent your project well.

· Pitches: Do NOT send a press release in an e-blast to hundreds of journalists. Media Relations is about building a line of communications; prepare a structured pitch with strong points as to why your project is relevant and merits coverage.

· Photos: You don’t have a publicity campaign without images. The more photos you have as part of your stock the better, but I always ask my clients to at least have three good posed pictures and three actions shots.

· Social Media: An essential factor in a publicity campaign is to ensure your outreach goes beyond your family and friends. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and the other dozens of platforms available, enable messages to travel fast and are distributed to hundreds of individuals.

· Personalize it: Put your heart into everything. Honesty and passion go a long way.

*A special thank you to artist, Makeda Vaughn for inspiring me to write this post.

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