Do Not Keep the Media Waiting

In the past two years, I have lost a couple of press coverage opportunities due to clients not providing me with certain information. Journalists, radio hosts/producers, bloggers, and all members of the press are overwhelmed with work and news, if they don’t receive a response quickly, they may move on to something else. When a member of the press expresses interests in covering your project, jump on the opportunity. Take action immediately and provide them with any promotional materials requested (photos, b-roll, bios, etc.), as soon as possible. If invited to be interviewed whether for print, web, radio or television, make sure to follow up with a date and time, promptly.

I respond to journalists within the same day, and advise that I will turn around the details needed for coverage in two or three days. After a decade of doing publicity, I have learned that three days is the standard threshold for non-breaking news, such as arts and entertainment. Wait any longer than that and you may risk ruining your relationship with the journalist (and media outlet in general), as well as the opportunity. Remember that media relations is about much more than piquing someone’s interest, it’s about establishing an effective working relationship.

Note to ALL actors and producers, do NOT go out of town during a publicity campaign. If you absolutely need to leave town during the promotional efforts for your production, make yourself available via telephone and skype; we’re living in a digital age, and telephone and web interviews are feasible options. However, take into consideration that several opportunities may be lost without your presence, as some promotional ventures require in-person appearances, such as television, photo features, press conferences and networking events.

Publicists, marketing and promotions professionals will do their everything in their power to ensure the goals of their clients are accomplished, however, make sure to comply accordingly.

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