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Fun & Effective Promotional Ideas

A comprehensive promotional campaign and media relations are ideal for creating awareness in reference to plays, concerts, etc, however, there are other promotional strategies that can compliment these efforts. Below is a list of ideas for out-of-the-box and low-cost ways to enhance your publicity:

· Open mics: Perform an excerpt of your project and promote it at the same time; make sure to have fliers on hand. Most open mics are free and have a signup sheet 30-45 minutes prior to show time.

· Special interest groups corresponding to the theme of the show and non-profit organizations: Contact them and offer discount tickets.

· Contests: Many media outlets and blogs host contests or giveaways; shows/artists donate tickets and they place the show’s information on their website and social media platforms and create a contest, such as “Share your favorite Broadway musical with us.” Most of them are free and provide a significant amount of social media marketing. In New York, StageBuddy, The Village Voice, and Broadway World, all offer these kinds of promotional platforms.

· Community Outreach Performances: Contact local parks and recreational centers, senior activity clubs, arts & cultural festivals, and colleges, and offer them a performance excerpt. In exchange for the complimentary performance, request for them to include the information for your production on their websites and social media channels, and offer a group rate to their participants.

· Cross-promote with other shows and groups: Offer to feature logos, pictures, ticket links and other promotional materials for other artists, theater companies, plays and cultural institutions, and they can do the same for you. It creates a collaborative community and helps with network expansion.

· Student Rush Tickets: Offer low-cost tickets for students with valid identification at the door the day of select dates.

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